About the Designer

Zino Haro is an American tech entrepreneur, fashion designer, and cybersecurity researcher

  • Life

    Zino Haro was born in the United States and raised in Mexico, where - under her grandmother's guidance - sewing and embroidery became a daily activity by the age of 5.

    Throughout elementary school years, life was tumultuous. The Mexican Cartel War impacted multiple aspects of life, ultimately resulting in the disappearance of Zino's father, the family's sudden fall to poverty, and the movement between over 10 different schools ranging from ancient language-focused private institutions to underfunded public schools.

  • Career

    After earning grants and scholarships to study at Columbia University's engineering school, Zino left for New York, experienced a brief period of homelessness, and started working on her first full collection at the age of 19. With the help of the late musician Madison Park, the collection was showcased during September 2017 NYFW. This collection was inspired by designers like Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake and explored the use of origami in fabric.

    Shortly after, Zino joined Christian Cruz Godoy to work on Uni-ke, at the time focusing on pop-ups and community creation for designers. After graduating from Columbia in 2020, Zino joined as co-founder in 2021 and led the team to the first designer collective collection showcase in September 2021 NYFW. In 2022, she created her first digital fashion collection using light as an impossible material in construction.

  • Quick Facts

    Name: Zino Haro

    Origin: United States and Mexico


    • B.S. Computer Science from Columbia University
    • MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology

    Sewing since: 5 years old

    First collection: 19 years old


    • Herschel BoC
    • 30 Under 30 Hispanic Executive: Fashion


    • digital fashion
    • physical fashion


    • Rei Kawakubo
    • Alexander McQueen
    • Elsa Schiaparelli

    Past presentations:

    • SS2018 New York Fashion Week - ZinoHaro
    • FW2018 New York Fashion Week - Z.No
    • FW2019 Seoul Fashion Week - Musician collaboration
    • SS2022 New York Fashion Week
    • FW2022 New York Fashion Week
    • FW2022 Digital Fashion Week
    • SS2023 New York Fashion Week Digital Capsule