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About Zino NYC

Zino NYC is an American brand based out of New York City. The concept is: collaboration first, self-expression second.

At Zino NYC, we know that fashion feeds into and grows out of the world that surrounds it. Much more than just an art form or a trending commodity, it should work and innovate in cohesion with the industries and societies around it.

Through bespoke works, capsule collaborations, and reworking the excess of others, Zino NYC expands the audience of movements while breaking away from the rules that have traditionally held fashion to a strict scale and schedule.

For this reason, Zino NYC strives to work with various industries and movements including: architecture, interior design, data & technology, physics, sustainable development, and art.

Our Values

The values of societies shift from decade to decade and century to century - often contradictory between times and communities. At the root of it all seems to be the need for self-preservation: whatever that may mean to whoever exercises it.
In divisive and distracting times, tangible external risks prevail.
In misguided self-preservation, this is what we call the death of the self.

In short, our values are the following:

  1. Vanity innovation only after purposeful innovation.
  2. Production methods that acknowledge and react to the environmental state of our world.
  3. Communication and collaboration between anyone. Barriers and avoidance are detrimental.
  4. Key SDGs: 8, 9, 12, 13, and 17

A fuller extent of our founder's involvements can be found here.


Through the use of NFCs powered by the Solaire platform, certain collections can be traced and authenticated throughout their lifetime.
Some products include additional utilities and features, such as 3D assets, special videos, and other media and accesses.

Production Methods

We have various methods of internal production:

  1. Fully made to order with new materials. In this case, nothing is made in excess.
  2. Repurposed from the excess of other brands, for example by reusing fabric or bases from other pieces that were never sold to the general consumer. This includes most leather goods and many couture pieces.
  3. Made to order from partially pre-made pieces. This applies to most products in "The Basics" collection.
  4. As of now, items consisting of metals, stones, and minerals are all pre-made.


Design Collaborations in architecture, fashion, art, etc: here

Invitations to Events and Engagements, including interviews, panels, ceremonies, galas/charity, and films & documentaries: here

General: here

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Photography by Harry Umen